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A remarkable architectural legacy

As worthy heirs to a unique architectural legacy, we are committed to nurturing and preserving this gift in order to pass it on to future generations.

A remarkable architectural legacy

The Faiveley family has always been deeply rooted in Bourgogne, its history and its culture.

When the "Climats de Bourgogne" made it into the Unesco list of World Heritage Sites, Domaine Faiveley was immediately named as a Founding Patron of the classification.

As the careful custodian of the viticultural, cultural and architectural heritage that it represents, the Faiveley family strives to preserve this legacy in order to pass it on to the next generation. It takes this responsibility very seriously and is committed to doing everything within its power to continue to enhance quality at the Domaine.

All of the buildings at the Domaine have been maintained and restored in keeping with their original designs thanks to local artisan craftsmen using locally soured materials and traditional methods. Murgers (low stone walls) and cabottes (small stone houses) form a part of the family's Côte-d'Or vineyards and it is our duty to protect them. The renovation works at the Mercurey and Nuits-Saint-Georges vat houses were carried out using this same ethos: respecting these historical buildings whilst ensuring optimum conditions for vinifying and ageing the wines produced at Domaine Faiveley.

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