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Joseph Faiveley,
a 'haute-couture' Bourgogne wine merchant

In 1825, pioneer Pierre Faiveley founded a merchant business in Nuits-Saint-Georges. His passion for trading and ageing wines soon led him to purchase his own vine parcels and establish a wine domaine in order to grow and produce his own wines.


Joseph Faiveley, a 'haute-couture' Bourgogne wine merchant

Although the majority of Domaine Faiveley's wines are made from grapes grown at the domaine, the Faiveley family has nevertheless remained true to its merchant roots.

Over the years, the family has formed close relationships with a number of Burgundian families thereby allowing them access to the very best vine parcels.

Needless to say, these grapes are treated with the same care and attention as those grown at the Domaine. The wines are then sold under the 'Joseph Faiveley' label which represents the second generation of the family.

The family has developed the Joseph Faiveley label and signature for almost two hundred years and continues to select grapes using a strict and rigorous selection process.

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