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Producing fine wines

Vinifying and ageing with precision

Viticultural practices
rooted in the terroir

Rigorous and respectful methods of viticulture

Ethics and
the environment

Producing fine wines that respect their terroirs

Our rigorous methods of cultivation and precise vinification techniques enable us to produce distinctive wines that combine strength, finesse and elegance.

Producing fine wines

From harvesting right through to bottling, the grapes, the musts and then the wines are handled carefully and precisely in order for each wine to reveal the unique characteristics of its terroir.

'For each and every one of our wines, my wish is to enhance this extraordinary mosaic of Burgundian terroirs.' Erwan Faiveley

Every step of the vinification process uses traditional methods combined with cutting edge procedures and facilities.

Jérôme Flous, the Domaine's Chief Winemaker, observes the ripeness levels in the grapes and determines the optimum date for the harvest. The team of pickers, overseen by our vineyard workers, collect the grapes when they have reached their optimum levels of ripeness.

The grapes are handled with the extreme care. They are cut by hand before being taken straight to the domaine. The grapes are then sorted manually with only the very best clusters making it to the vat house. They are then transferred to the wooden vats using a gravity system.

We think very carefully when deciding on the ideal proportions of de-stemming and whole clusters, according to the specific features of each appellation and vintage. We regularly carry out the traditional process of 'pumping over' in order to extract the quintessence of colour, tannins and aromas from the skins of the grapes. Once the alcoholic fermentation is complete, the grapes are pressed slowly and gently in order to give us an intense and incredibly pure juice.

Our wines are aged in French oak barrels for 12 to 18 months in our hygrometry-controlled cellars where they benefit from natural and consistent temperatures. Time is left to work its magic inside the Burgundian barrels, which have been carefully selected for their grain and moderate toast, in order for the juices to be transformed into these delicious nectars.

Viticultural practices
rooted in the terroir

An exceptional wine is born from exceptional grapes grown using respectful and rigorous practices.

The originality of the Bourgogne region lies in its geological complexity and the remarkable diversity of its vine parcels, known as 'climats'.

We are privileged to own well-exposed vineyards in this wine region's most prestigious appellations. These terroirs are planted with two iconic varietals: Chardonnay for the white wines and Pinot Noir for the reds.

From one harvest to the next, the growing cycle of the vine is crucial and requires a great deal of passion, hard work and dedication. We strive to maintain high quality at the Domaine and work hard to ensure the optimum evolution of the vineyards. The rigorous Guyot pruning system is used in winter, followed by disbudding in spring and cropping and leaf stripping in summer. All of these stages are carried out with the utmost care and attention from our teams thanks to their unique savoir-faire and almost two centuries of winemaking history.

Ethics and the environment

The High Environmental Value Certification (H.V.E) has been awarded to Domaine Faiveley

Obtaining HVE level 3 certification on the 11 December 2019 is testament to our careful cultivation practices at Domaine Faiveley and our desire to keep our environmental impact to a minimum. 
'It is is an acknowledgement of the work undertaken on a daily basis by our teams and it goes without saying that we are very proud of this achievement!' Eve Faiveley

We use sustainable methods of viticulture at the Domaine.

This approach is driven by our ethical values as well as our desire to ensure the quality and authenticity of each vintage.

The diversity of the fauna and flora in our vineyards attests to their excellent health. We are proud to play an active role in preserving our terroirs and Bourgogne's biodiversity.

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